Florida 20-miler Snap-Shot

Foodie Survey

I stole this survey from my friend, Sydney. I’m guessing most people will not want to read it, but I had fun filling it out anyway!
..the things I spend my evening doing when my husband is away.
A) Preferred way to eat avocados: Diced up in a fresh salad! 
B) Daily banana intake:  One…sometimes two. Bananas are a must-have at our breakfast table!  Lately we have been adding them to our pumpkin steel cut oats. And smoothies. And..pancakes. And we can’t forget my favorite- peanut butter toast with warm banana slices!
C) Chocolate preference? This week, in the form of Bumpy Cake Cupcakes! 
D) Durian? ?
E) Essential to start the day: Coffee. DUH.
F) Favorite fruit: Bananas, Apples, Mango, Michigan Cherries, Michigan Peaches, Pomegranates
G) Grape preference: Firm and seedless.  
H) Hankering to try:  Strawberry Balsamic Flatbread
I) Ice cream: I don’t eat icecream: A. I’m not really into the dairy thing, and B. My husband is the icecream monster and he’s been known to push me off the bed if I attempt to steal a taste (true story). 
J) Juice or smoothies? Smoothie for sure!
K) Favorite way to eat kale: love me some kale salad! 
L) # of Lemons in your house right now: 1
M) Milk: TJ’s Vanilla Unsweetened Almond Milk. We’re kinda addicted to the stuff.  
N) Nut butter: favorite kind?  TJ’s crunchy flaxseed peanut butter!   
O) Organic or conventional? Organic produce!   
P) Pickled veggies: PASS!
Q) Questions you get asked about your diet: How do you get protein and amino acids if you don’t eat meat? Does that mean you just eat fruit and vegetables all day?
R) Recipe you love: Mocha Coconut Fudge
S) Seaweed: Not a fan.
T) Type of water you drink: Tap. I live in Michigan.
U) Unbelievable combination: Peanut Butter+ Banana, Carrots + Hummus, Warm Homemade Bread + Honey Butter
V) Vegetable you love: All, really. But I can’t deny my sweet potato addiction.
W) White or wheat: Sprouted Grain Wheat!
X) eXtra or splenda: Doubt it. Good ol’ refined white sugar for us.
Y) Yummy food you make: Baked Goods, Mexican Pizza, Enchiladas
Z) Favorite use of zucchinis: Roasted in garlic & butter for a homemade pasta sauce. 

Sunshine State of Mind

One week down out of five here in Davenport, FL training for the 2012 Olympic Trials Marathon. I’ve got sun, warm weather and lots of time to train and rest. What more could a guy need, you may ask. Well, one thing is missing and leaving a great big gaping hole in my heart…

Not to worry… only four more days until she is in my arms! Meanwhile, I wanted to put up some pictures of where we’re staying and share a little bit about the experience so far.

I’m rooming with Sage, who makes all of those Hansons training videos that we have posted on the blog. We are just two to a unit with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, so we have enough privacy not to get on each others’ nerves.

So far training has been awesome. It’s pretty nice to go workout in the morning and then have nothing to do for the rest of the day but read, nap or walk to the store. We are all getting along pretty well, too, which is good considering we are training for the biggest race any of us will run (except the Olympics, of course).

I fight the boredom by talking on the phone w Meggy or reading pretty much. We’ve also watched a couple of movies together, but that’s about it. If anyone tells you the life of a pro runner is glamorous (although I don’t know who would), we are living proof that it isn’t so.

I miss everyone in Michigan and KC a lot, and I’m still bummed not to be going home for Christmas, but I know you are all praying for me and I am finding joy in this unique time of life. I’m not as good at this as Meg, but I will try to update at least once a week while we are down here.

Grace and Peace.


Latest Hansons Training Video