Another trip to the E.R.

Only 10 weeks into our pregnancy and things seem to get more eventful everyday!

At about 4:00 am the morning of the Trials I woke up and got sick. By the time Paul headed down to warm-up, I had gotten sick about 5 more times. Unfortunately at this point we had to make the call that I couldn’t go down and watch the race. I was SO bummed, because I had NEVER seen Paul race since we started dating. Not to mention it was his marathon debut! The next few hours were really hard, because I continued to get sick … but also full of blessings. Because I wasn’t out running around on the course, I had time to be in concentrated prayer for my husband, AND I quickly realized that I could see the start and finish from our hotel room window!

Near the end of the race our sweet friend, Jenny Elliott, came up to our room to check-in on me. This was another huge blessing because I got some great girl time, and she is a super awesome nurse! Paul called me on his way back to the hotel and I decided I was well enough to go down to the lobby and congratulate him with all of our friends and family. The first few minutes were fine, but things quickly headed south. I remember telling Paul I needed to sit down and next thing I know I’m laying on the ground with Jenny and Sara and all of our other nurse and doctor friends surrounding me. It was pretty embarrassing, actually. The medics decided since I am pregnant that I needed to go into the hospital to get fluids. So off we went in the ambulance. Poor Paul didn’t even get to change out of his uniform for 5 hours.

We don’t know if I got food poisoning or just a really bad case of the stomach flu, but I am finally feeling normal again today! Paul has been a great nurse! Most of you probably don’t fancy hearing about me throwing up, but I wrote this post primarily to thank all of our friends and family for loving me (and Paul) so well. I wish I hadn’t gotten sick and could of spent more time with everyone, but I so appreciate ya’ll!

Hopefully things will slow down a little now..


One thought on “Another trip to the E.R.

  1. Not gonna lie Meg, when you were down (literally) at the hotel, I was calculating in my head your fluid deficit. 3 liters is what I got. Hey, just trying to put my medical knowledge to work 🙂
    SO GLAD you got some time with my wifey!! She’s a superstar.
    I’m so sorry that your day played out like that. Nausea is a terrible feeling. SUPER HAPPY to hear you’re back to normal again! Yahoo.

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