The story of our miracle baby!

It all started.. actually right after Paul left for Florida, naturally. I had been deathly sick for about a week, so decided to take a pregnancy test “just in case.” Go figure, it turned out positive! I immediately called my physician and gave him my abnormal symptoms. Within 5 minutes he had me freaking out, in tears, and said I needed to go to the ER immediately.

That day was SO HARD.  Not only was my husband thousands of miles away, but I endured 6 hours of very uncomfortable and painful testing! God bless Aunt Joan for coming to my rescue (like always) & sitting by my bedside all day. When the doctor finally came in to share the test results with us, she said that I without a doubt had passed a miscarriage.

WOW. In one day we found out we were pregnant and that we’d lost our first child. It was a scary and heartbreaking day to say the least.

Fast forward one week.

I arrive in Florida to spend Christmas with Paul. Almost immediately I become extremely nauseated and tired. After a few days of feeling terrible, we again decide to pick up a pregnancy test “just in case.” Go figure, positive. And the next day….positive. And the day after that…positive.

By this time we are FREAKING OUT. Every possible scenario is running through my mind, including death (I’m hormonal, mmmkay). After a failed attempt to find a doctor in Orlando we decide to send me home to Michigan early so that I can get into a doctor. I flew home and got in the very next morning.

There was an examination. Then a blood test. Then an ultrasound. Next thing I know, I am looking at my baby’s beating heart on a screen.

At this point I am thinking WHAT IN THE WORLD?!!

The doctor told us not to get too excited until our second ultrasound, because he wanted to be absolutely sure everything was okay. That follow-up ultrasound was today. And I saw my 100% healthy, 8-week-old baby!

One thing is for sure, we will never, ever fail to give God all of the glory for our sweet little miracle. Had our baby lived, or died, God would still be good and perfect and sovereign. But today we are rejoicing over the new life He has blessed us with! It brings me to my knees in tears when I think of how gracious and merciful our Savior has remained through every hard moment of this entire process. To Him be the glory forever, and ever.


One thought on “The story of our miracle baby!

  1. A grrreat BIG CONGRATULATIONS!! to both of you! And of course, doctors don’t know everything! You underwent unnecessary trauma in the ER! I wish that would have never happened! Your little miracle was just announcing his/her arrival into the world! :~)))
    Love to you both!!!
    Aunt Patti

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