Public Confession

I’m trying to get better at this whole repentance and accountability thing, so here it goes.

I stand before you a humbled, guilty sinner.

Lord, I need to confess my complacency. The past few months have been a whirlwind of transitions and changes which have revealed how little I trust you, and how easily I become distracted by created things. Thank you for loving me enough to stop me when I am seeking fulfillment in people and things of this world.  I have been putting my hope in perfecting my earthly roles as a wife, friend, daughter, employee, and athlete rather than in your never-failing, sovereign love. Oh, that I would live to please my Heavenly Father over seeking the acceptance of others.

Lord, I pray that forevermore you convict me when I so easily fall prey to my temptation to serve my personal agenda over Your kingdom. How often I want to run when things are hard, because I see my comfort as a priority over Your purpose in my appointed suffering. And how often I serve my husband for the purpose of gaining his love and admiration, rather than seeking to reflect the gospel in our marriage through my obedience.

How easy it is for me to be busy. And how hard it is for me to rest.
How easy it is for me to see myself as I think You should. Not as you really do.

Today, i am thankful for a patient Heavenly Father that will never stop pursuing my heart. No matter how much I run. Or how often I am disobedient.


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