My Sweet Meggy

Margaret Hefferon, formerly of the Gentry clan, is the brightest and most treasured blessing in my life. I mean, how could you not love this smile?

It has been only just over a year since I began my life’s most important endeavor, to pursue and win the heart of a beautiful Midwestern sweetheart. And now, having married not even a month ago, I have the daunting yet joyful privilege of loving her more every day of our life together. Fortunately, she makes it easy for me.

Meg is the most faithful person I know. What she believes, she believes to the core of who she is, and that is a rare thing to find. She is strong, but her strength comes not from trust in herself but from her life being planted on the Rock of Ages who doesn’t weaken and never fails. Because of her faith, I am a stronger man now than I was a year ago.

Besides all of this, she is FUN to be around! She makes me laugh like nobody else can, and I love to just talk with her about all of the things we both enjoy, whether it is running, books or food (although her food interest is more in the cooking arena and mine leans toward eating).

Meg is my wife, and because of this I get to experience everyday a reminder that my Father in heaven knows me well and loves me lavishly.

P.S. – She is an awesome runner too!



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