Meet Mr. Hefferon aka “Pawry”

Paul Joesph Hefferon. He is the clearest example of God’s love & mercy in my life. Really. I’m good at messing up a lot. And he’s even better at showing me grace. His wedding vows are a small glimpse into how much this man continues to make my life a better place, everyday.

“I Paul, before God and these witnesses, take you, Meg, to be my wife. I promise to be steadfast in my faith in Jesus and faithful always to you. I promise to protect and defend you, guide you and provide for you amidst joy or sorrow, trusting God fully in all things. By the power of the Holy Spirit I will strive to fulfill the role that God has purposed for me as your husband. I will edify, encourage, and instruct you as God makes me able. Meg, God has loved me graciously and without condition. I pledge to follow His example and do the same for you that the name of Jesus might be exalted through our marriage. I promise to give my life for you trusting in the unshakeable plan of God the power of the Holy Spirit the promises of our Lord Jesus and the safety of His church. Meg, until we part from this earth,my life is wholly yours.”

Plus, he’s super fast and real cute in his “short-shorties.” I can’t wait to hear his appreciation for this little addition to the blog.


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